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The team at Big Creek and Hammond Water are taking steps to minimize the risk of contamination to our employees and customers. We are urging our customers to use payment options such as our online bill pay, bank draft, or call the toll-free payment line to make payment (1-866-630-2479). If you do not have access to these options, you can use the DROP BOX in the drive-thru window to eliminate person to person contact (the drive-thru is not open to take payments). Also, if you prefer, you can always mail your payment in with a personal check or money order. As of March 16, 2020, we have eliminated ALL Conveniences Fees to help reduce office traffic until the threat of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is eliminated. If you are inadvertently charged a convenience fee, we will credit your account. We are currently located at our new office at 4315 Hwy29N Belton SC (1 mile below the Anderson Jockey Lot). Please feel free to contact our office at 864-847- 4957 for any further concerns.