About Us

During the late 1960’s Anderson County was experiencing a dry period with water supplies and wells going dry. Community leaders approached Duke Power and Anderson County with the idea of establishing a rural water system for county residents but their efforts fell short. Some of the local leaders decided it was time to establish a rural water system in Anderson County and proceeded with the first steps to provide water in rural areas.

There was a called meeting at Palmetto High School in November, 1971. The purpose of this meeting was to organize a rural water system for the upper part of Anderson County. The meeting was chaired by Mr. David Chastain. The following directors were elected at this meeting: Wayne Rogers, Ted Bunton, Bill Creamer, Kenneth Rogers, Wayne Parker, Alton Boggs, Jimmy Rogers, Joe Dalrymple and Leon Clardy.

This rural water system was named The Big Creek Water and Sewerage District because the system was to purchase its water from the City of Williamston and the City drew its water from the Big Creek Water Shed.

A meeting was held with the Farmers Home Administration to obtain a loan to establish the Big Creek water system. The Farmers Home Administration required Big Creek to sell nine hundred water taps at seventy-five dollars ($75) per tap to be eligible to borrow the 1.4 million dollars to install this water system. The process of selling taps took over a year to complete.

After many long hours and hard work, The Big Creek Water and Sewerage District was issued a Charter from the State of South Carolina in August 1972. In this Charter, the State of South Carolina designated the geographic area to be served by Big Creek Water and Sewerage District.

Big Creek Water District is a public service district that is service oriented and able to provide quality potable water to its customers. Big Creek Water District serves subdivisions, residents and businesses located within its franchise area.

In January 1978, Big Creek Water District and Hammond Water District joined together to form a service company known as BC-H Service Company. The purpose of this company is to manage, maintain and operate both water systems.  By forming this company, it allows both water districts to operate more efficiently and with less overhead cost.

In April of 2000 Big Creek Water District joined together with 12 other local water districts and bought the Duke Power Water Plant located on Lake Hartwell. These 13 districts formed the Anderson Regional Joint Water System which maintains and operates the transmission system as well as the water treatment plant.