Water Leaks

There is an easy way to determine if you have a small leak on your property.  Turn off all fixtures in the house or building and watch the meter for 5 to 10 minutes and determine if water continues to go through the meter. Most meters have a small red or black triangle on the dial called a flow-finder that will move even with the smallest leak.  If there is a leak you will be able to see the flow-finder turning.  The most occurring leak is located in your bathroom.  The flapper valve in the back tank of your commode is often the first to cause problem.

Prevent Contamination
  • All lawn irrigation must have a double check valve assembly.  These devices have to be tested every two years.  The test results are due by May 31.
  •  Never leave hoses submerged in swimming pools or open containers such as garden sprayers, buckets, drums, etc.
  •  Never connect a well system to plumbing that this connected to the District’s system.
  • Install a screw-on vacuum breaker on each outdoor faucet on home or building. These devices are inexpensive and can be found at most plumbing supply houses and will help protect your family from contamination through garden hoses.
Cut Off Day

Big Creek Water District has Cut Off Day for past due accounts. The account is considered delinquent and the meter is subject to be cut off once the 30 day payment period has expired.  At this time, if the customer has not paid by 8am on Cut Off Day, the account is locked off and a $50.00 reconnect fee is due in addition to the balance to reactivate the account.  Tampering with a meter (cutting a lock or turning your water back on) is a criminal offense and the customer will be held liable for such an action.  There is a $200 meter reset fee if your meter has been pulled for tampering plus the entire balance is due before service will be reinstated.

Payment Options

Big Creek Water District customers have several options when paying their bills. Payments can be made at our office during regular office hours, dropped in the mail or paid on-line. We also have a night drop located at the drive thru for after hours payments.  For your convenience we now have available automatic bank draft and credit card payment options with either Visa or MasterCard.  A convenience fee will be charged if payment is made by credit card to pay the bill through this site or by phone.

Where does my water come from?

Big Creek Water comes from 2 different sources:  Anderson Regional Joint Water System that draws its water from Lake Hartwell, the Greenville Water System that draws its water from the Table Rock Reservoir on the South Saluda River and Poinsett Reservoir on the North Saluda River and Lake Keowee.  We have 4 metering Stations from which we draw the water. If you want to know more about your drinking water, please refer to our Annual Drinking Water Quality Report under the Water Quality tab on this website.